I came to the Effortless course thinking it would not be for my level of beginner, but I have discovered these principles that I can not only use in my massage practice, but also in my life
— Jaana Olsson, sweden

First time i did this kind of retreat for me. Staying on this wonderful piece of land was a great experience... we had an amazing atmosphere full of acceptance to share, learn and grow together.
— Berhard herzmaier, austria

I have been working as a phisyotherapist for over ten years and the effortless course added years to my career
— Anne Claire Fromont, france

Eva has a special balance between techniques and body’s listening. Her therapy brings you in a powered mental dimension, thanks to her flow, gives to your tissues the rights touches, pressures and strechs, wich are able to heal the body and improve the organic posture.
— Davide Stasi, italy

Eva has inspired me to open my perspective of yoga and its practices.
— Sarah Bishop, morocco

Eva brings confidence and knowledge to her yoga and massage instruction offering her students the potential for transformation. It’s obvious she is living her truth, traveling and sharing her passions as she radiates joy
— Michelle Miller, united states

Connection. The beautiful people I connected with, that made me feel very much alive
— anabel segura, spain

I came without any knowledge about Thai massage, and after ten days I´ve discovered much more to it than just bodywork. I feel now more confident and capable to give a Thai massage to my friends
— Peter Green, england